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First, an update on Monster and the tomato plants.


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Monster ate all the ripe, orange, and slightly orange tomatoes. He decided he can eat them all himself.  He’s been trolling the tomato plants every couple of hours every day, waiting for a green tomato to ripen.  I don’t think he quite understand the concept of growing tomatoes yet.
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Second update.  KT and I have been in SF for most of last week.  We had a dog sitter stay home with Monster and Sugar.  It was a busy week.  At least it felt busy because everyone was moving in such a fast pace.  Even at eleven at night.  The city doesn’t seem to sleep.  I forgotten how it was like.  I made sure to see some new things while I was there.  We visited the bison.  A ground hog came out to greet us and posed for a few pictures.  Picked some plums from the Golden Gate Park.  Visited MLK memorial.  Ate a lot of good food.  My sisters, who live in the bay area, and I went to a pottery class and learned how to throw pottery.  For those of you not familiar with pottery, throwing means making pottery on a potter’s wheel, not literally throwing something across the room.  Although at the end of the class, we did feel like throwing something at our instructor but lets move on.

We came home over the weekend to find an empty chewed-up medicine bottle on the floor.  It was Monster’s pain killer for his joint pain.  I am 99.9 percent sure it was Monster’s doing.  After getting in touch with our dog sitter to find out if she knows anything about the empty pill bottle, and a hopeful sweep around the living room floor and under furniture, and not finding the missing thirty pills anywhere, we rushed them to the vet.  Since we weren’t sure who ingested the pills, both Monster and Sugar had their stomachs pumped, then they were on fluids overnight, followed by a blood panel, and medication.  It was nerve wreaking.  Since too much time probably passed when they ingested the pills before we got home, no signs of the pills were visible in their vomit.  After a thousand dollars spent (vet bills are expensive in California), the only thing we were able to determined from the blood panel was that Sugar probably ingested most of the pills.

I was really confused as to why they would get into the pills because when they actually have to take medication, I would have to wrestle them to get the pills down their throat. After wondering about it with our emergency vet, I found out the new pills that our regular vet gave me were chew-able beef-flavored tablets.  No wonder they ate them! I am just relieved that Monster and Sugar are recovering nicely at home.

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