3 days on, 4 days off

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can all work three days a week and take four days off every week?  Seriously, that’s work-life balance.  Just kidding!  but you know, working four days a week and having three days weekend isn’t too unreasonable…

Here’s what’s been going on around here over the long weekend.

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Update on Sugarbear.  We went to a followup vet visit to do another blood panel to check her liver values.  Unfortunately, her values are not back to normal yet.  We will continue to give her medicine and liver support supplements.  She hasn’t been eating or drinking very well but it might have something to do with all the fireworks going off in our neighborhood (the city voted to lift the ban on fireworks — we are none too happy about that).  Monster appears to be eating and drinking just fine so we’re not too concern about him.  We’ll go for another check up in two months if nothing gets worse.  Meanwhile, we’re letting Monster and Sugar sleep in our bedroom.  They’re usually very attached to us after we come home from a vacation.  They are unusually more so this time probably because they’re not feeling well and the fireworks are stressing them out.

More on the fireworks.  About two weeks ago, we started hearing sporadic loud popping noises at night.  It would scare Sugar so much she would come running to us from wherever she’s sleeping in the house, shaking all over.  At first, I thought it was a shooting but KT eased our fears by pointing out that it was probably some obnoxious pranksters setting off mailbox bombs.  Then last weekend, after we came home from SF, we finally noticed all the TNT temporary shops popping up in every other parking lot.  That’s when we realized a Measure about fireworks for our city passed during last November general election.  I must have saw it on the ballot but didn’t think twice about checking the result because there is no way our city’s cohabitants would want to lift the ban and disturb our peaceful nights right?  Wrong.  Even though it is only legal to set off fireworks on 4th of July with the new measure, it is naive to think that people will really stick to that.  So to all those people who voted to lift the ban, thank you for our continuous nightly firework symphony.

And how did we handle 4th of July, you might ask? Well, after a pleasant BBQ/dinner out, we rushed home as it was getting dark so we can be there with our dogs when the majority of the people set off fireworks in our city.  We got home just as some were starting to go off.  Sugar was already panting (hyperventilating).  I rushed to turn on the TV in the living room, the radio in the bedroom, music in the bathroom, and music in the office — I even started the washer and dryer — to drown out as much of the firework as possible.  By ten o clock, we started turning everything off and retreated to the bedroom where we left the radio on.  Close to midnight, the fireworks started tapering off and Sugar started dosing.  With the exception of a few loud popping here and there, she was able to sleep quite peacefully after midnight.  Monster on the other hand, is much braver.  He would go outside to investigate all the noise but usually a succession of extremely loud ones would sending him sprinting for the house.  So our 4th was eventful.  A big hoopla.  I certainly miss the previous years when KT and I could go out and enjoy the fireworks while knowing Sugar and Monster are enjoying a peaceful night safely at home.

Update on the garden.  The tomatoes are starting to ripening and I’m keeping a very close eye on Monster to make sure he doesn’t eat them all.  The basil flourished while we were gone and we came home to enough basil to generously topped our pizza.

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Speaking of pizza, we have big plans for the backyard.  Pizza is the hint.

We also had our trees/hedge, trimmed this weekend.  I’ll post some before and after pictures shortly.

Overall, I really enjoyed our long weekend.  Looking forward to next weekend!

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