Hedge trimming

We hired a company to trim the hedge along our side fence over the weekend.  We used the same guy that our neighbors use for their trimming and miscellaneous landscape work (our neighbors’ hedge looks awesome).

photo (12)

We trimmed the hedge in the above picture behind the umbrella.  The last time I had that trimmed was a year ago by our then gardener.  Since then, we kind of dropped the ball on maintenance and it has gotten out of control.

We got a picture right when they started trimming the tree.  The red outline on the upper right corner is the area that was already trimmed off before KT snapped this picture.

photo (14)

The yellow arrow represents the height of the hedge at the last trimming a year ago.  The blue arrow was the height of the hedge in April when I first called the company our neighbors use for their hedge.  The red arrow represents the height of the hedge when the company was finally able to fit us in their schedule, two and a half months later.

photo (13)The crew took off way more than I had expected but the foreman explained that it was necessary.  They took off almost fifteen feet from the top and the left (the red squiggly lines up to the solid vertical red line).  The fifteen feet of coverage up to the red vertical line was from horizontal branches that will eventually break off from the weight.  So it had to go.  In place of that, they will plant additional hedges, four feet apart to give us the privacy we want.

The red arrow on the upper right points out the sparse leaves in that corner.  It turns out our neighbor on the other side have been cutting into the tree to, we can only guess, minimize the amount of foliage that falls into their yard.   We were told to let it grow out for six months and then have them come back to shape the hedge once it has a chance to fill in.

The foreman had a four-man crew working on this and it took them about three hours to trim it down.  I spent most of that time watching them work from the window.  Monster was curious about the noise in the backyard, so he let me carry him up to the back door window so he can watch too.  He was so intrigued that he didn’t even fidget in my arms. So precious!  photo (15)

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