Happy Birthday Monster!

It was Monster’s birthday over the weekend.

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As usual, we celebrated with some cake/pie/treat and a Monster Day of Fun! Of course, Sugar was included too.

We like to spoil them with a special breakfast which consist of some wet feed mixed in with their usual dry food.  Since switching up their food usually upsets their stomachs, I like to mix in the wet food with their usual diet to help things move smoothly.  And boy do they love the wet food.

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After their breakfast, we hit the dog beach.  For those of you who knows Monster, he is not the best walker.  He pulls and tugs and tries to chase cats during our walks.  If he gets out of his harness, then he would take off without looking back.  But at the dog beach, with all the other dogs around and unlimited distractions, he really is at his best behavior.  We let him off leash and he would always make sure he keeps us in sight.  If he gets a few yards ahead of us, then he’ll stop and wait for us to catch up.  I think with so many people and dogs around us, he really just doesn’t want to get lost.

Then we took Monster to the store to pick out his birthday treat.  He walked around the store a few times for a good ten to fifteen minutes sniffing everything.  Finally, he settled on an individually wrapped organic dog biscuit.  There were two sizes, and the smaller size was on clearance.  This little boy chose the smaller biscuit to our surprise.  He must have learned frugality from his parents.  I didn’t set a very good example this time though because I decided to buy all the small biscuits since he seemed to like them so much.  We can all make an exception for birthdays right? He was knocked out by the time we got back in the car.

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KT decided to fix up their old dog house for Monster’s birthday present.  Here’s how it looked before. It’s been sitting in the sun and rain for over five years. We’ll post some after pictures soon.

photo (18)

Happy Birthday Monster! We looooveeeee you!

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