How to Make a Dog T-Shirt

For Monster’s birthday, I wanted to make him a shirt that reads “It’s My Birthday” so he can get some extra loving from strangers.

I decided to use one of my old fitted painting shirt for this project.  The shirt already fits him really well.


To start, I used a measuring tape to get a few measurements from Monster.


I measured him from shoulder to shoulder to know how wide the shirt needs to be.  Then I measured him from neck to where I wanted his shirt to end (a couple inches from the base of his tail).  That’s a personal preference so feel free to go any length you want.  I marked out the measurement on the shirt so I know where to cut the shirt to size.


The width of the shirt was perfect for the width of Monster’s shoulder, so I only needed to trim down the sleeves for Monster’s skinny legs.  Also since Monster is narrower in his lower half, I took in the sides as well.  In the picture below, I marked out roughly how much to cut off.  This is a stretchy shirt so the measurements and cuts don’t have to be exact.

IMG_3600Next, I measured Monster’s underside from his neck to the bottom of his rib cage.  This side has to be shorter so that he can relieve himself without getting it on his shirt.  I decided to do a scooped shaped cut rather than a straight across cut.


After I made the last cut, I finally took out my sewing machine I received from KT for Christmas to hem the edges.

IMG_3606  IMG_3607

Monster took it for a test run and it fits!


Now you can decorate it however you like.  I couldn’t find my fabric paint (probably because we haven’t unpacked everything yet…), so I used acrylic paint instead.


It worked perfectly.  All this took me less than an hour while KT was working on his birthday present for Monster.



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