The Hole in the Bathroom Wall

I’m trying to get back into regular posting now that I think I’m safely out of the morning sickness (more like all day sickness) zone.  I have been working on the hole in the wall above the bathroom sink since May.  Remember it from these pictures here and here?

The previous owner had a huge mirror hung up above the sink that completely covered up the hole.  We had no idea that hole was there until we took down the mirror to paint the walls.  Boy was I surprised.  After some inspection, It looks like a medicine cabinet was there before.  But after taking some measurements and visiting a few stores, I couldn’t find a medicine cabinet that could fit.  So this hole has been sitting as it is for almost a whole year.


Recently, it occurred to me that I can remove that extra piece of wood nailed to the left side of hole.


With this extra piece removed, I might be able to fit a standard size medicine cabinet in there.  However, I didn’t see anything I liked the last time I was shopping for a medicine cabinet.  Also, I needed something where I can run the cord of our electric toothbrushes to the outlet.


So for our temporary fix, I decided to build a recess shelf.  Since the inside is not so pretty, I covered it with MDF board.  I used some scratched paper and taped it to all five sides to get a template to cut the MDF board.  Since the hole is not a perfect rectangle with 90 degree corners, it was too hard to cut it to a set of measurements.


Here’s a picture with the MDF board nailed in to the back wall.


The MDF board is fairly water-resistant but considering this is the bathroom, I decided to give it a coat of paint to really seal out the moisture.  Since MDF board absorb water differently throughout, water-based paint would dry blotchy and uneven.  I had to use oil base paint and primer (which totally stinks).  I primed it first with two coats of primer.  I picked up a cool trick – put an rubber band over the opening of the can to tap the brush against to get rid of excess paint.  This way you can keep the edge of the paint can paint free.


Here is a picture after one coat of primer.  You’ll noticed I also started framing it to cover up the uneven edges.  We had extra moulding left over from another project so this part was free.


Here’s a picture after two coats of primer, caulking, and some plastering to fill in some gaps.


I had to give the oil based primer over a week to cure before caulking.  I don’t think it really needed that long but it really really stunk.  We left the bathroom fan on for an entire week because I was super sensitive to the odor.  To be safe and not inhale any more chemical fumes while pregnant, KT will have to paint this with the oil-based paint.  Then I’ll be back to put in the shelves.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  All this cost about 30 bucks.

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