119 days to go

Update: 8:30PM We both felt the baby move for the first time tonight!  

There are a lot of bad days in terms of aches and pains but there are some good days. Luckily this Saturday was one of the good days because we had my cousin’s wedding to attend and there were a lot of family here from out of town.  I <3 weddings.  Especially when the vows are so sweet that I wanted to cry right along with the groom.  =P

I braved some three-inch heels for the occasion and got some mixed responses.  The older guests reminded me to be careful while the younger guests threw caution to the wind and wanted me to rock the dance floor.  By the end of the evening though, my feet were painfully swollen again.  It was good while it lasted.

Speaking of aches and pains, I’ve been having this really painful ache in my chest and ribs for the last few weeks.  The pain in my rib actually started maybe a couple months back.  It was a dull constant pain on the left side of my rib cage but I didn’t think much of it.  Then when I started sneezing lately, I would experience these sharp, excruciating pain in my chest and rib area.  That motivated me to see my doctor.

After an exam, blood work and urine culture, they couldn’t figure out what was causing the pain.  Not very reassuring is it?  I’ve been instructed to manage my pain.  That’s the game plan they gave me.  Seriously.  They’re telling me it’s probably one of the many unexplained pain that comes with pregnancy that should go away after delivery.

I’m not one to take pain killers so I’ve been stretching.  I realized that if I arch my back to extend the area around my chest and rib cage, I usually get some nice relief.  Of course I can’t hold that for long because of my back problems.  Today is the first day I sneezed without stopping midway because of the pain.  That is something to celebrate.  Cheers!

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