Our Original Plan


If you didn’t know, then you will now.  I love paper.  Not that I use a lot of paper because that’s environmentally unfriendly.  But I like to keep paper so I can look at things on paper.  And here’s one from almost three years ago that I found when I was organizing my little corner in our office.  We sketched this at the time when we first decided to move back to our current house.  We had agreed to live here long-term.  KT wanted to stay here forever actually.

Since we were planning on raising our family here, we were planning to do a huge remodel so that we can all live here comfortably.  Our hand drawn floor plan above is actually our very first draft.  We made cleaner, more thought out versions later on but I still have yet to find those copies.

As of late, KT has been open to the idea of moving (eventually) so we’re nixing the plan for a big remodel. But I think it’s still fun to look at what we were planning on doing.  Below is our drawing divided into the current house and what we wanted to add.


Here’s a look at our current house in more detail:


And here’s what we wanted to add:


For the additions, we wanted to do a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams.  We love high ceilings and exposed beams.  For the family room, we wanted to add a wall of glass (windows, sliding doors, or french doors) that opens into the backyard.  Can you imagine how open and airy that would feel??  Above the master suite, we wanted to add a loft for all my books.  It was going to be the reading nook.  Something along the lines of these pictures.  KT got the inspiration for the library loft from the library in the home of James Franco’s character in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I’m a little sad that we won’t be building this dream house but I’m excited to look for our new dream house when the time comes.

This change in directions actually means a change in pace for me.  When we were decorating and doing little upgrades around the house, I usually think long and hard about whether or not this upgrade will hold up for the rest of our lives here.  That means decisions took longer and were harder to make, and finding the perfect fixture was overwhelming.  (That’s why the hole in our bathroom sat there as it was for almost an entire year).  Now that I know this isn’t going to be our forever home, I can let loose a little.  Breathe a little.  All of our projects wouldn’t be too major.  And if I really hate something, it really is as easy as painting a new coat of paint.  So here’s to picking up the pace.

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