Finally Done!

After a year of this:

IMG_3319We finally have this:

IMG_3914Huge difference right?

For the shelf, I just simply wrapped a piece of wood with contact paper self adhesive shelf liner.   At first, I thought I’ll wallpaper the back of the shelf but realized that any design or color will make the misshapen box with imperfect angles very apparent.  Then I considered just painting the shelf a solid color.  But we didn’t have any left over paint with a color I wanted to use.   At the end, I just had to get this done already and this contact paper shelf liner we have was the easiest solution.

I used brackets to hold up the shelf.  Nothing fancy.  But for some reason, I was having a whole lot of difficulty screwing them in.  It might have something to do with the level being as long as a yard stick and couldn’t easily fit into the recessed unit for leveling.  Or I was feeling unbalanced on the step stool while trying to awkwardly operate a drill and driver.  Whatever it was, I was grunting and swearing and sweating up a storm trying to put in those four little brackets.  But once I was done, I was happy to finally reorganize our bathroom storage and plug in my sonicare toothbrush.

Here’s a list of what I still need to do in the bathroom:

  1. Replace the cream color electrical outlet and cover with a white one (true for the whole house)
  2. Paint the cream-colored vent cover white to blend with the ceiling (same for the rest of the house)
  3. Replace the vanity/sink
  4. Replace the shower/tub fixtures

Here’s what I would love to do in this bathroom:

  1. Re-tile the shower walls

That’s not much of list but that is a huge undertaking.  Unless we hire it out.  But I’m convinced we can do it (I’ve been watching HGTV – enough said).  I still have to convince KT.  Wish me luck!



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