110 days to go

Like a lot of people, I already had names picked out for a baby girl and boy.  Even before I heard marriage bells and the ticking of the biological clock.  I found out early on though that KT didn’t like either one of my baby’s names.  So when we found out we are expecting a baby, I started thinking of names again.  A girl’s name came easily. I couldn’t believe how perfect it is.  I knew KT would absolutely love it too.  And he does.

If we’re having a girl, then we are all set.  If we’re having a boy, then we are out of luck. We’ve been trying to figure out a boy’s name for months now without any success. There have been no boy’s names that we both instantly fell in love with.  Actually, there haven’t been any boy’s names that I love and only one that KT really likes.

I made a list of potential boy’s names and we decided to try out each name on the list for about a week to get a feel for it.  So far, we crossed off four names and moved one name to the bottom of the list to try again later.  We have one maybe.

We want a strong boy’s name that isn’t overused and can’t be mistaken for a girl.  We want a name that he can use when he’s all grown up and mature but still versatile enough for a little boy or a casual nickname.    You know, like Jonathan.  He can be our baby Johnny, or Jon in intimate circles.  Jonathan is not on our list but you get the idea.

For a girl, we wanted a pretty girl’s name that isn’t too girly.  And can be shortened to a boy’s name.  Like Christina and Chris.  There’s something about a little girl who can be tomboy-ish, that we find really endearing.  I hope for a girl who can be girly all she wants but also strong enough to roll in the dirt with the boys.  That’s how we got Charlie.  Her full name would be Charlotte Amelia.

Now, if only we can come up with an equally perfect boy’s name…

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