Garden Update

Since my last update, we bought a rose tree and a Meyer lemon tree.

The rose tree was doing great until it was infested with aphids.  Those things are my garden nemesis.

Our Meyer lemon tree is doing wonderfully.  If you recall from my previous posts, I’ve been wanting a Meyer lemon tree since Spring.  I gave up when all the stores were constantly sold out of them.  Until one day, it was just there.  At a Home Depot we never went to before.  We snatched it right up and it’s thriving in our backyard.  Can you see all the fruits on it??


The four grapefruits are still growing and doing well.  The branches are now sagging from the weight of the fruits.  I really need to research if I need to be concern about the branches snapping in half.

IMG_4036 IMG_4038

The tomato plants are goners.  Monster discovered he can eat the green tomatoes if he doesn’t have the patience to wait for them to ripen.  He’s been picking the plant every night for a after-dinner snack.  I even put up these netting to keep him out of the plants but it didn’t work for very long.  He’s a determined little bugger.  I stopped watering them for the most part.  Hopefully we’ll have a raised planter built by next summer that will keep the tomatoes safe from him.


Our chili plant is still mass producing more chili than we know what to do.


Same with the basil.  I did manage to give a whole big bowl full of basil to our neighbor this week who plan to use it for a salad.  I love having a neighbor with whom we can share our produce.


The guava tree is extremely fruitful while our pear tree haven’t had a single fruit.


The asparagus plant is growing thick enough for harvest now.  I don’t think we’ll have to wait two more years.


The peach tree and blueberry bush have given up on us.  At least for this season.  Hopefully they’ll spring back next Spring/Summer with more success.


I can’t wait for this heat to blow over so I can spend more time with the garden.  I am so excited for the Fall season. 

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