How To || DIY Old Christmas Card Ornaments

I’ve been holding on to all the Christmas cards I received through the years and they have just been sitting here collecting dust.  I decided a couple of years ago that I’m going to do something with them.


It wasn’t until recently when I heard all the complaining on the radio about stores pushing the Christmas season on their customers already, that I was actually motivated to do this Christmas project.  I waited all year for the holiday season and I need no convincing to embrace the holidays a little earlier this year.

I saved some of the newer Christmas cards for my current scrapbooking projects and I used the rest to make these ornaments.  I follow these instructions from Martha Stewart.


Step One: Cut out two circle templates of the same size from cardboard.  I used the cardboard from a sample sized cereal box.  For the smaller ornament, I used an one-inch diameter. For the larger ornament, I used a two-inch diameter.

IMG_4069 IMG_4071

Step Two: Draw an equilateral triangle inside one of the circle templates.  If you need help refreshing your memory on how to do that, you can find a great visual aid here.   Cut out the triangle.


Step Three: Use the circle template to cut out twenty circles from the christmas cards.  I made sure to cut out a variety of images and even the message from inside the cards.


Step Four: Using the triangle template, trace the triangles on the back of all twenty circles.  Score along the lines of the triangles with a ruler for a sharp, clean fold.


Step Five: Arrange the folded triangles to form the top, bottom, and middle of the ornament.  Five folded triangles make up the top of the ornament, another five folded triangles make up the bottom of the ornament, and ten folded triangles make up the long strip in the middle of the ornament.  The pictures below explains the arrangement better than any words.

IMG_4082 IMG_4083Step Six: Use craft glue to glue the sides together.  For the middle section, glue the ends together to form a cuff.

IMG_4084 IMG_4085

Step Seven: Glue the top and bottoms to the middle cuff section and that’s it.  You can add a string to hang these ornaments or put them in a bowl to display them.  Either way, they’ll look great and I just recycled some Christmas cards that I couldn’t bear to toss away.



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