Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We had our maternity photo shoot this past weekend at our home and to prep for it, we did a bit of cleaning and painting.

photo-1You see that big black brown mirror on the right, behind the lampshade? Well, KT finally decided to pull the trigger and paint it white for the living room.


He decided to spray paint it considering we were short on time.  It took him two cans of spray paint to give it two coats.


Meanwhile, I’m painting these bead boards in the living room.  I reused some bead boards that was previously on the wall.  You can see the discoloration of the center bead boards in the picture below.  Also, notice the cream color baseboard behind the couch.  We never got around to painting that when we were painting everything else in this room.


Using the left over paint from painting the rest of the trim in the house, I applied two coats of paint and primer.  This surprisingly took me four hours but it was worth it.


You might noticed the cream-colored outlet popping out like an eye sore.  We have cream-colored light switches and outlets all over the house.  We’ll be replacing those real soon with white ones.

We hung the newly painted white mirror right above the couch.  It fills in that big empty space perfectly.


In the spirit of cleaning, updating and decorating, KT also hung the rest of the white frames on the wall.  This was before:


And here’s the after:


I have to say, we sure made quite a bit of progress in one night.  Nothing like a photo shoot to motivate us.

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