61 days to go

A few updates.  First off, I’ve been feeling great.  Really.  Big Grin.  It’s been almost two weeks since I have taken any pain killers or used any icy hot products.  Working from home full-time really helps.  I am delighted to be here, in our home office with Monster and Sugar.  KT even told me that I’ve been happier.

Second update: We were on our babymoon a few weeks ago.  It was relaxing for the most part.  Surprisingly, KT likes Solvang most and Santa Barbara least.  Ojai was new for me and I’ll like to visit again when I can do more things.  These are all wine tasting towns but we only went wine tasting in Solvang.  I didn’t drink anything but it was still fun.  I think KT’s papa instinct kicked in because he missed Monster and Sugar so much.  I may even go so far to say that he missed them more than me.  It was so sweet.  

Third update: We had our maternity photo shoot this past weekend and it feels great to actually be able to genuinely smile and laugh for the camera.  I was a little worried about taking these photos but I knew if we didn’t, I would regret not getting this milestone professionally documented.  It turns out I had nothing to worry about.  I love our photographer and her assistant.  They were friendly, easy to work with, and they even got us some pictures at the location where we took our first wedding pictures, without a photo permit.  Gotta love being the rule breakers once in a while.  Big Grin again.

I still can’t believe we’re expecting a baby.  I felt this same way when we first got married.  I couldn’t believe it.  It (marriage) didn’t feel different but we’re married.  I used to get giddy excited trying to convince myself that we did it. We got hitched.  I think it only started sinking in when we found out we’re expecting.  Now, despite how trying this pregnancy has been, I still can’t believe we’re expecting a baby.  When I thought it’s starting to seem real, KT would say something like “we have a baby on the way” and my heart would skip a beat and this whole thing would seem surreal again.

We still have a lot to figure out with this whole baby thing but we want to figure it out on our own, at our own pace, in our own way.


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