Babymoon Scrapbook

I finally finished a scrapbook.


Did I ever mention I have never finished a scrapbook before?  All these years of scrapbooking, I don’t have a single completed album until now.


I got this scrapbook for Christmas two years ago.  It is vacation themed and works perfectly for our babymoon.  I added a few homemade sheet protector pockets to hold tourist maps of our vacation spots and business cards we picked up along the way.

IMG_4606 IMG_4607 IMG_4608

Here’s what worked for me in getting this scrapbook done:

  • Photostream is working well for me because I can get all the pictures KT and I took on our phones downloaded to my computer without having to plug anything in or upload the pictures anywhere.
  • Getting started on the scrapbook asap after returning from our trip.  This way, all of our memorabilia is in one place and not pushed aside and tucked away until it is forgotten.
  • Making my main goal to finish by a set time frame.  I tend to get hung up on the perfect layout for each and every page.  With a deadline, I can let that slide and at the end of the day, I enjoy a finished scrapbook so much more than a perfectly put together page in a half completed album.

My next scrapbook project will be for our honeymoon because I already have a world travel themed album I bought long before we even got married.  This album will take considerably much longer since the trip was four weeks long –>translate to “a whole lot more pictures.”  In the meantime, I’ll also be catching up on my project life album.

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