Making a Layered Candle from Spent Candles

I think I mentioned it before, but here it is again: KT and I love candles.  We have a ton of them.


This also means we have a ton of spent candle and jars too.


I used to melt left over wax on my candle warmer to make tea light candles.  But since we moved here, we hardly use tealight candles anymore.  I prefer big jars of candles or tall pillar candles.  Also, the candle warmer takes way too long to melt the left over wax when I’m trying to make candles.

Last week, when I was on pinterest, I discovered this pin on how to recycle old candles into layered ones.  It’s the perfect use of all my little bits of spent candles to make one big candle.


First, I picked out one of my large candle jar with a bit of spent candle at the bottom.  I stuck it in a pot of boiling water until the little bit of candle wax melted.  Then I removed the jar from the boiling water and centered a new wick into the melted wax.  I tied the top of the wick to a stick to hold it in place.  This is the jar I’ll be using to make my new candle.

As the wax is hardening, melt another spent candle in the pot of boiling water.  Once the wax is hardened and is no longer hot to the touch, pour the newly melted candle into the first jar, creating a new layer.  It is very important to make sure the previous layer of wax is no longer hot before pouring in a new layer of wax.  If the previous layer is still hot, the next layer of melted wax will easily melt the previous layer again and you’ll no longer have the clear distinction between the layers.  Keep doing this until the jar is full and you have a new layered candle.


It turned out perfectly.  The color combination is perfect for the holiday too.  This jar came with a lid, so I can stash it away until I use it.


It blends right in with all my other store-bought candles.  I love it.


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