Mission Pantry Clean-Out | Blueberry Coffee Cake

IMG_4664We bought this box of Aunt Jemima Coffee Cake mix when it was on clearance at our grocery store.  I love Aunt Jemima maple syrup so I figure I can’t go wrong with this.

IMG_4665I decided to help clear out the freezer a little and use some of these frozen blueberries in the coffee cake.

IMG_4666I spread three quarter of the batter into the pan and dropped in some frozen blueberries.

IMG_4667Then I covered it with the remaining batter.

IMG_4668Topped it off with the crumble topping and into the oven it goes.  I’m baking it for a little longer than the recipe calls for since I’m using frozen blueberries.

IMG_4671Golden brown straight out of the oven.

IMG_4672The blueberries tastes awesome in the coffee cake.  Cleaning out the pantry is working out really well for me.

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