Mission Pantry Clean-Out | Mint Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake Cookies

Mint Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake Cookies.  That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

I have another box of Aunt Jemima Coffee Cake Mix.  I used the last box to make this.  This time I wanted to make something different.


I also wanted to make mint chocolate chip cookies with these Andes baking chips.

IMG_5006And that’s how Mint Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake Cookies came about.  I searched online to see how I can use cake mix to make cookies and found this generic cake mix cookie recipe.  Since I wanted to make a bigger batch of cookies (my cake mix is only 10oz), I tweaked the recipe a little by adding more flour and sugar and some water.


I ended up using only half a bag of the Andes baking chips.


I used one table spoon of batter for each cookie and it made three dozens.  Please excuse the very battered cookie sheets (I’m planning on replacing them with these).


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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