Welcome Logan

He arrived a little early. A little over two months ago.  It was unexpected. Even after 18 hours of contractions at home in bed, I still thought it might be pregnancy pain or false labor. I was in denial because I wasn’t ready. We weren’t ready. The nursery wasn’t done. I think KT just packed my hospital bag the night before.

But I’m glad we went to the hospital when we did because the contractions got really bad really fast after we arrived. They started lasting 5-10 minutes long, back to back. Logan’s heart rate was dropping because he wasn’t getting oxygen. The first time it happened, I had just sent KT home to eat dinner. Right when he walked out the door, a team of six nurses, intern, and anesthesiologist rushed in, put an oxygen mask on me, and were all over me.

After the third time it happened, they prepped me for an emergency cesarean. That was even more terrifying. I was given epidural when I was admitted. Then they gave it to me again for surgery. It wasn’t general anesthesia but it pretty much knocked me out. Except, it didn’t. I couldn’t move and I struggled to talk. But I was able to hear everything. I couldn’t breathe and I was freezing cold. What was worse was hearing the nurses ask the anesthesiologist how much anesthesia she gave me because I was not reacting normally. I heard the frustration in the anesthesiologist’s voice when I couldn’t respond to her or when I struggled to tell her what’s wrong.

I still remember when Logan arrived and I heard KT saying in my ear, “he’s beautiful, you’re going to love him.” And I do. He is beautiful. Welcome Logan.



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