Nursery Update

We’re turning our spare room into Logan’s nursery.  To refresh your memory, this is what it looked like two years ago.  Since then, it got a little better, then worse.  So in summary, it was a mess.

IMG_0009During my two months hiatus from blogging, KT was on paternity leave and finally really started working on the nursery.  He ripped up the carpet, which exposed the original hardwood floors.  He removed the baseboards, primed the walls (the gray paint on the lower half is also a primer), and installed the chair rails.


We considered refinishing the original hardwood floors but at the end, we decided to install something new over it.  The original hardwood floor will still be there whenever we decide we want to do something with it.

IMG_5745You might noticed that the grey primer in the above picture is no longer crisp and perfect after the new floor was installed.   The painter tape I used to paint the chair rail pulled up some of the primer when I was removing it.  I’ve touched up those areas and we’re almost done with what we’re doing for the lower half of the wall. I’ll be back with an update when that’s done.  Progress feels good.


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