nursery wall treatment.

This is a long overdue post.  The wall has been done for over a month but life with a newborn is constantly evolving and I haven’t been able to pin down a time to do a blog post.

Here’s a picture of the finished wall treatment:


That is chalkboard paint on the lower half.  If any of you have reservations about having a chalkboard in your home, then let me tell you that I did too.

Long before the nursery, I was actually curious to see so many pictures of chalkboard walls popping up in magazines.  I was surprised to see them in kitchens.  After the initial exclamations of “these people are crazy!” and “there’s going to be dusts in all their food and on their furniture!”, I took a second to consider that there must be a good reason why all these reputable home decor magazines would think chalkboard walls are functional/safe and stylish.  I took some time to do some research and came across these soapstone chalks which is completely food safe.  There are also non-toxic, dust-free chalk.  Basically, my research stopped there.  I realized I see them used in restaurants and cafes so I knew there are safe options.

Then came the nursery.  KT had the idea to do chalkboard wall treatment in Logan’s room and I was all for it.  As for the chalkboard paint, we’re using ECOS Paints.  It’s non-toxic, VOC free, and environmentally friendly.  It’s pricier, to a tune of 60 dollars a gallon, but I promise you it is worth the money.  We L-O-V-E, love, love, love, this brand.  We also got the grey primer from ECOS and the coverage is awesome.  Seriously, KT likes to say that you can slop it on any which way, and it will dry a perfect coat, on the first coat.

IMG_5746But lets go back a couple steps.  To prep the wall for a chalkboard, we needed a flat surface.  Unfortunately, our wall is textured.  When KT told me that he was going to plaster over the current wall for a smooth surface (the other option was to sand off the texture), I told him good luck, and I’ll watch Logan.  So for four nights, eight hours or so each night, KT was in there plastering and sanding and plastering again.  Honestly, I would have given up after the first night. I totally admire his dedication to the tedious task.  At the end, it was totally worth it because the wall looks great.

IMG_9570In the picture above, you can see how textured the wall is above the chair rail and how smooth the wall is below the chair rail.  I am seriously impressed with how well it turned out.


I love the clean black and white look so much that I’m actually reluctant to use the chalkboard.


I still have to test out a few brands of chalk but I’m in no hurry since Logan won’t be drawing on it any time soon.  In the meantime, we decided that we wanted to redo his closet so his room is still not complete.  I can’t wait to share the before and after once we’re done.

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