Hot Air Balloon Mobile

IMG_0178I didn’t find out that newborns take a few months to see color until after Logan was born.  Apparently not a lot of people know that fact either.  We saw first hand that Logan was only stimulated by high contrast colors, specifically black and white.  So when I started shopping around for black and white mobile, I was so so surprised that there weren’t any.  Maybe even companies for baby products aren’t aware of that fact.


I decided to make a hot air balloon mobile for Logan.  I took a while to plan it out in my head.  So long, in fact, that KT started wondering if I was ever going to get it done.


Logan loves staring at it.  Especially when I spin each of the balloons. I decided to add a color border for each of the hot air balloons so that when he can see colors, he would be able to appreciate the mobile even more.


Here’s a view from below to give you an idea of what Logan sees when he’s underneath it.


SHOP//You can buy these hot air balloons here.

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