What Logan Eats || brown rice cereal


Serving size:: 4 tbsp or 2 oz

brown rice cereal::

  • grind up short grain rice (I buy this: Lundberg Organic Short Grain Brown Rice) – I like to use the magic bullet for this and I like to grind up the whole bag so I wouldn’t have to do this step again each time I make rice cereal.
  • boil two to four cups of water (I like to make a big batch to freeze)
  • slowly add ground rice to boiling water while stirring constantly (to prevent lumping)
  • lower heat and continue to stir until rice thickens
  • add water (or the milk you’re feeding your infant) if the consistency is too thick – and if you prefer a smoother texture, you can put it through the blender
  • let cool and serve

*refrigerate portions you will use in the next three days and freeze the remainder for up to four weeks.
*i like to freeze it in ice cube trays and once frozen, transfer to airtight freezer safe containers.

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