How To || diy recycled wine bottle candles

To make candles in our newly cut wine bottles, we ordered a ten pounds soy wax (from here), a candle-making thermometer (from here), candle dye (here), and pure lemongrass essential oil (here).


First, we melted the wax in a stove top safe bowl over a pot of water.  It needs to be heated to about 180 degree Fahrenheit before adding any scent or dye.


The amount of essential oil really depends on individual preferences but pay attention to how much fragrance the wax can hold.  For the wax we’re using, it can hold up to 15% fragrance or about 2.4 oz of essential oil to one pound of wax.  In these pictures, we didn’t add any dye.  You would add the dye at the same time you add the essential oil.


Once the wax cools to about 140 degree Fahrenheit, we poured it into the cut wine bottles.  We tied one end of the wick to a stick to hold it in place.


We let it cool twenty-four hours before it can be lit.  Here’s a picture of one of the candles where we used red dye chips (three chips for every pound of wax).

IMG_8980Sidenote: I was at Target a few weeks ago and noticed that they’re selling recycle bottle candles just like these!


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