painted kitchen floor update

I’m long overdue for a kitchen floor update so here it is.  It’s been about a year and eight months since we painted our kitchen floor.  This is how it looked then:

kitchen varnished

As we’re approaching the two-year mark, the paint is still there but it’s definitely not as shiny.  As I’m looking at the picture below, I realized it might be hard to tell.  It really held up nicely.


The floor is plywood so it is showing some dents on it.  Plywood is really soft compare to hardwood floor so it’s showing grooves from Monster and Sugar’s nails, or from us dragging furniture around on it.

Also, white floor definitely shows dirt more easily.  I basically have to clean the floor daily, especially with Monster and Sugar shedding all over the place.

Overall, the floor held up better than expected.  I’m glad we went with this temporary floor treatment.  We’re not planning on replacing the floor any time soon, but we do recognize that this isn’t a permanent solution.

You can read more about how we painted and cared for our kitchen floor here, here, and here.

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