Happy (early) Mother's Day

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the direction my career is headed.  My consulting business has been great to me.  It allows me to stay home with Logan.  I get to watch him grow everyday.  It has definitely made this transition into motherhood easier on us.  I think this new phase in my life and career is also presenting me with an opportunity to do something new.  Re-evaluating my career goals also made me re-evaluate my personal goals, who I am, and how I got here.

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I thought about the biggest female figure who has impacted who I am – my mom.  What I admire most about my mom is her ability to adapt.  English is not her first language but I remember her going to night school when I was a child.  I remember her continuing her education even after life got in the way.

As children, we used to tease my mom when she mispronounced a word and she always took it well.  Kids can be cruel but she’d come back to ask us to help her study.  And I’m glad she did.  I had a lot of first generation friends growing up whose parents refused to learn English, much less speak it, so I know how special it is that my mom tries.  I recognize her drive and self-motivation.  I love her can-do attitude.


I watch my mom and her sisters interact and I see strong, successful, funny, and intelligent women.  I see them in me and my sisters.  Sometimes my mom is surprised by our abilities and accomplishments because she doesn’t realized that we get that from her.  As I’m trying to figure out where I want to go from here, I hope I will be as great of a role model for our next generation as our last generation is to me.


My mom doesn’t read my blog but nonetheless, Happy Mother’s Day.


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