Raising Logan: 5 months, 1 week, 6 days

We hit a milestone, actually two, in the last two nights.  First, Logan mastered rolling over, just like that.  One day he wasn’t doing it, not even a little (he hates tummy time), and then last night, he just started doing it before he fell asleep as if he was looking for a comfortable position.  Then the next morning, he woke up and just rolled over and over and over like he just realized he discovered a new trick.

The second milestone happened two nights ago.  He finally slept through the night.  With this one, we saw it coming.  Even so, it happened quickly.  In a matter of days.  It started with him waking up content with just lying there on his own for a good long while. I encouraged it by not picking him up immediately.  Then a few days ago, he started going down easier when normally I would have a hard time putting him down to sleep and keeping him asleep for more than a couple hours.  Four nights ago, he woke up three times and I only needed to feed him one of those times to get him to go back to sleep.  Three nights ago, we made it until 5:30AM before I had to feed him.  Two nights ago, he slept through the night.  We didn’t have to feed him.  Last night, he slept through the night again and we are cautiously optimistic that this is not a fluke.  We are thrilled.  High Five and Happy Dance (cuz that’s what we do).


We are learning as we go.  We didn’t read any parenting books  (Yea, it’s surprising, considering how much I love to read.  In hindsight, maybe I had book aversion the same way I had music aversion while I was pregnant…  I went from reading a new book every few days to none at all).  I knew all the important stuff (like how to keep a baby alive).  Some of the stuff is just common sense. I did read a lot of lists of must-have for babies.  After some real life experiences, here is my list of some of the things you don’t need.  But of course, every baby is different and every situation is unique so my only real advice for parents out there is do what works for you (but be knowledgeable!).

1. Infant bath tub or seat.  We registered for one and got two at our baby shower but really, your baby will outgrow it so quickly.  I knew Logan won’t be using it long before he’s too big for it, but I thought I would use it more than twice.  We’ve been giving him sponge baths on the changing table after we change him.  He doesn’t need anything more than that up until this point since he hasn’t been mobile enough to get himself dirty.  So before you can put him in the grown up bathtub with the no-slip rubber mats, just sponge bathe him on the changing table.  Seriously, he doesn’t need the daily baths.  Enjoy his baby scent.

2.  Bassinet.  I thought I needed him to sleep close by me at night for the first couple months before letting him sleep in his crib in his own room.  Wrong.  Logan hates the bassinet.  And when I do manage to get him down to sleep, I don’t want him in our room where I’m so afraid to make the slightest sound and risk waking him up.  He slept in his bassinet for a month before we gave up.  Now he sleeps in our bed (because his nursery is still not done – true stuff), while we take turn snoozing on the couch in the living room.  If you’re lucky enough to have a baby that sleeps, he can sleep in his crib.  And most likely, you have the baby monitors to keep an eye and ear on him.


3.  Bouncer/Swing.  This one is really a hit or miss, depending on your baby.  Logan hated the top three bouncers/swings on all the lists out there.  Yes, we tried them all.  Logan did eventually started liking one of bouncers because I wouldn’t give up on it.  Maybe one day he’ll like the swing we have sitting in the corner of his room.

4.  Mittens.  Won’t stay on his hands.  Just use socks.  Really, they work so much better.

5. Pacifiers.  Won’t stay in his mouth. Logan cries because he’s hungry, he wants his diaper changed, he wants to be held, he’s overstimulated, or he’s too hot.  I rather figure out what’s causing him to cry and fixing it than trying to pacify him with a pacifier (while leaving him hungry, wet, lonely, overwhelmed, or hot).  I’ll admit, we tried the pacifiers when we were too tired or frustrated to figure it out.  But they wouldn’t stay in his mouth so we’ve given up.  And I’m glad because I’m learning to read his cues much easier which makes him a much happier baby.


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