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Logan’s closet has been semi-done for weeks.  I just need to paint the trims and put the closet doors back. (I don’t know why I don’t just do it already).


We hung up some wall hangings in his room.

IMG_7329 IMG_7328

And I made curtains for his window.


Last week, I decided I wanted a door knocker.  So we bought one off of Etsy.


We also finally pulled the trigger on this area next to our front porch.  Still a work in progress.


Few weeks ago, I planted our rose tree in the ground instead of purchasing that tree I can’t seem to find.  It wasn’t doing well the first couple of weeks but it’s bouncing back.


This year, I decided not to plant tomatoes because I still don’t have a solution for Monster, the tomato thief.  Instead, we planted wild flowers and I LOVE them!


Oh, and Logan is taking swim lessons!  He’s a natural.  Youngest and best in his class.  True stuff (and yes, we couldn’t be more proud).


And Logan’s first time at the beach.


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