Living Small


A couple months ago, I wrote about paring down our possessions.  Since then, I’ve sort of ran out of steam.  Recently, I watched a documentary, “Tiny: A Story About Living Small” and it got me thinking about minimizing again.

By the way, does anyone else feel all fancy and intellectual when you watch a documentary?

I realized I am a contradiction: a shopaholic and a minimalist.  (I don’t really shop that much but once a while, I do get the urge to go on a shopping spree.  And sometimes I have buyer’s remorse afterward).  To reconcile this, I decided that I can shop for things I need, and only buy things I love.  This means I end up doing a lot of shopping (to satisfy my shopping urges) and researching, but only end up buying what we really need and love.

I’ve been putting this method to the test.  Most of my time lately has been consumed with researching and shopping for toys for Logan (real life of a mama).  Every day he’s growing and he needs new stimulus.  I don’t want to buy him just random toys for pure entertainment value.  I want something that will stimulate his motor skills, or teach him the alphabet, or how to count, or add and subtract, or all of the above.  And of course, it has to look good.

So far, I’ve only bought two toys for Logan: the Manhattan Toy Winkel and Manhattan Toy Natural Skwish Rattle.  I was concerned that he wasn’t moving his arms and hands (he’s all about his legs), so I chose these toys to encourage him to grasp things.  He definitely has the iron grip now.  To continue to encourage him to move his arms, I’m loving these wooden alphabet blocks. Stack them up and knock them down, right? What kid won’t like that?

All this thinking about living small and minimizing, I remembered why I want to minimize in the first place.  I want to reduce the footprint on our environment.  So as I’m shopping for our necessities, I am committing to buying used, to buying vintage, to buying handmade, whenever it makes sense.


I don’t think I’ll ever want to live in a tiny house but in today’s standard, our house is definitely small and I really like living small.  There is something so intimate and cozy about this lifestyle.  I’m not saying we won’t buy bigger either.  We did plan on expanding our home at one point and we do feel we might need a little more space as our family grows.  But nothing is set in stone.  Like our house, we are a “work in progress” as well.

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