the doghouse project || redesign

This project started almost exactly a year ago on Monster’s birthday.  KT wanted to remodel the old doghouse as a birthday gift to Monster (and Sugar, of course).  It’s been a year and this is the progress.

Lets start with the before pictures:

It’s not pretty.  The roof is warped from being out in the sun and rain for the better half of a decade.  Yea, this is Monster’s first and only doghouse from when he was a pup.  He didn’t use it much because he’s an indoor dog but Sugar uses it periodically when she’s in the mood to spend her days in the backyard.



Once upon a time, there was carpet in there.  You can see the residual tape lines from carpet.  And if I remember correctly, Monster loved chewing on the bottom edges of the roof line and trim when he was teething.


KT took the doghouse apart so he can assess the condition.  He was able to reuse most of the material from the original structure.

He decided to repurpose these legs from old Ikea cabinets to lift the doghouse up from the floor so it’s not sitting in water when it rains.



Then KT upcycled an old Ikea slatted bed base from a bed we no longer use.  He stained them with leftover stain we had lying around and used the slats as pseudo siding.

A note about these night-time pictures: KT usually feels inspire at night to get things done, like when he planted these trees at 3AM with only a headlamp for light.  What can I say, he’s a night owl.


IMG_3648Since these wood slats is slightly curved and the sides of the doghouse bow inward, KT attached the slats so that the curvature of the slats and the wall pulls itself towards each other, essentially straightening both the slats and the wall.

Here’s Monster using the doghouse now that there is new carpet and the roof is off so he can sunbathe.  Check out the siding!  I love how it turned out.

IMG_4483KT let me decide on the color of the doghouse so I did a little research online to see what colors best appeal to dogs.  The pictures at this site comparing how humans see colors and how dogs see colors are really helpful.

The doghouse was left as is in the above picture for almost a year.  It took Monster’s birthday coming around again to kick us in the butt to get the roof on these four walls.

Here’s a sneak peek of the progress we made this month.


We might be adding more pseudo sidings to the front.  Also on our agenda for this doghouse project:

  • Create a fenced in yard for their doghouse
  • Add a fairy garden to their yard
  • Add house numbers to their house
  • Add an umbrella for shade
  • hang some pictures inside

We’ll probably add more to this list as we go along. It’s great to see Sugar and Monster using this doghouse.

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