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Logan is at the age where one day he’s completely amused with “quack quack” sounds, and the next day, it’s just not cutting it for him anymore.   (Actually he was completely, belly laughingly amused with that sound for at least a couple weeks).  He is constantly needing new stimulation now.

A couple months ago, I was struggling to find things to interest Logan.  I found a suggestion online to buy some fabric balls meant for infants, and roll it back and forth to him.  It teaches him hands-eyes coordination and helps with his motor skills development.  Perfect! So I made him three.

I have a stack of old t-shirt I keep for projects like this.  I remember bookmarking these instructions for making fabric yarn a while back.  (Another project – I’ve been wanting to crochet with fabric yarn).

I cut out the fabric yarn following these instructions.


Then I rolled it up into a yarn ball.



I add stitches randomly around the ball to hold it together.  I used color threads that are different from the color of the fabric to add some visual impact.


Logan enjoys reaching out and grabbing them. KT likes juggling them from time to time.  Even Monster sneaks off to play with them when no one is looking.

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