Raising Logan : 8 Months

IMG_7891 Quick note about this picture: KT was going through the advertisements in our Sunday newspaper and Logan ended up swimming in them (and loving it).

Lately, KT and I have been witnessing how fast Logan is growing, and learning, and changing. KT is having a hard time with how quickly Logan is growing up. I, on the other hand, am…not.

We just finished watching a foreign film (I won’t tell you the name of the film so not to ruin it for anyone). At the end of the film, this couple sends off their young and only son into the world without them. He was probably in his tween. KT’s immediately exclaimed, “how can they let him go?!?!.” He couldn’t bear the idea of being in their shoes and doing that. Admittedly, it was sad. But I thought it was inevitable and I was okay with it.

In a lot of scenarios like this, KT would look at me despondently, like he just realized I must be the ice queen who would toss her first-born to the wolves, whilst I look at him alarmingly, foreseeing a very needy and clingy dad. But you know, when the day comes for Logan to leave the nest, KT will be supportive, cool as a cucumber and I will be a snotty, teary hot mess.

Honestly, I do feel nostalgic when I look at Logan’s newborn pictures but I think I’m more focus on the now and celebrating the present. He started holding his own bottle and feeding himself. I couldn’t be prouder. He’s been pulling himself into a crawling position and I’m just excitedly waiting for the day he crawls on all fours.

The newborn phase is only a few short months.  The infant phase is not much longer.  And it is in these two very short time periods where there are so many firsts jammed packed into them.  So many milestones.  I feel like I’m hit in the face with something new everyday.  It’s exhausting and exhilarating.  We’ll eventually enter the toddler phase and be able to take a breath, but at this moment, I just want to be present to experience Logan sprinting to the next milestone.  I can rest later.  We can rest later.


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