Raising Logan:: 10 Months 3 Weeks


Everybody usually wants to hold a baby when they see one right?  Except for those people who are afraid of babies, of course.  I hear about babies that lets anyone hold them but Logan is not one of them.  Just in the last couple months, Logan developed a strong sense of individuality and awareness, which inevitably led to stranger anxiety.  I find myself constantly making excuses when he wouldn’t let other people hold him.  “He just woke up so give him some time” or “he’s teething so he’s cranky.”  Or I’m making suggestions like “just play with him for a while on the floor until he warms up to you.”

Then it finally hits me.  Of course you need to give him time to warm up to you!  You don’t just invade the personal space of a person you just met, right?  You have to build a relationship first.  And that’s exactly what Logan needs. So next time instead of getting upset or hurt feelings when babies won’t let you hold them, just playing their favorite games with them and you’ll be halfway there.

This line from Dr. Seuss finally made a lot more sense:  A person’s a person no matter how small.

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