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I’ve mentioned a few times before how I wasn’t sure how I would handle my work schedule when Logan arrives. So it’s no surprise that I got a work email on a Monday after I sent out the announcement email just two days prior when I gave birth, right? Actually, I was floored. I quickly replied that I haven’t been discharged from the hospital yet (duh!) and that I will address the email when I return home. Honestly, this is what I get for even checking my work email at the hospital.

Before I knew it, I was back to work after I was discharged, working after Logan gone down for the night.  After six months of working into the early mornings, I was exhausted.  By nine months, I was a little resentful of my demanding job and just went offline.  I stop checking into work.  I was so sick of looking at my computer that I even ambitiously thought I might stop keeping up with my favorite blogs.  That didn’t happen but I did manage to check into work only a handful of times the last five months and only dealt with emergency matters.  I stopped posting here at the same time and I stopped looking at pinterest.  It was my unofficial, unplanned maternity leave, nine months late.

2014 christmas

It’s a brand new year and I am feeling refreshed.  KT and I talked about my work schedule and we decided that I was only going to work on projects I want.  I am going to start saying no.  I’m not going to let myself get overworked.  I’m going to take care of Logan and make time for myself.  I will stop doing brain-numbing work and do more creative work.  That leads me to my one little word for this year: Balance.  Here’s to a more balanced new year.

logan's first park


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