2015 One Little Word

2015 sunflowersWe’re already done with half the year but I figure this post is appropriate for my first post back from a long hiatus. It was a couple months into 2015 before I realized I needed to change my one little word for the year

I had huge plans for this year. It was going to be the year of me.  After childbearing and raising a baby for almost two years, I was ready to have my body back. I was ready for some “me” time and focus on my needs. I was  more than ready to have more grown up conversations and less baby talk.

But things didn’t quite unfold this way. First off, we found out we were expecting (!!@??!$%!).  We were most likely going to have one more kid but definitely not so soon. I was already six weeks along before I figured out we were expecting. So we had to adapt.

Then, KT got a job offer that we couldn’t pass up.  We had to make a major change to our schedule because KT could no longer work from home as often. We adapted.

Finally Logan was going to start school (I know right?? Already!?!) And I was going to have at least two months to get ready for the new baby before he arrives. Unfortunately the weekend before his first day of school, I was admitted to the hospital and was treated for preterm labor. Now I’m strictly on bed rest. I missed Logan’s first day of school which was heartbreaking. And KT has to take leave from work to care for both Logan and me.

Talk about having to adapt, right? This has been a year of curve balls and surprisingly, we’re adapting really well. We definitely see the silver lining along the way. Although we have an unexpected pregnancy, it has been a breeze compare to the first pregnancy –even with the all day nausea that lasted well into the second trimester. KT’s new work schedule actually allowed him to be home and present more often than before. And well, with the bed rest, it’s just awfully nice to have KT at home with us for the next few months. KT can get some house projects done while Logan is in school and I can finally catch up on scrapbooking in bed.

I’ll be honest, for the first couple months of the year, I kept thinking “but this was suppose to be my year!”.  Once I figured out my one little word should be adapt, it’s been my guiding light and has significantly changed my perspective. This is still my year, just not the way I had planned it.

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