Raising Logan:: The Big ONE


Logan’s first year is one of the best and hardest year of our lives.  And I miss it so much.  I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing.  To celebrate this milestone, we decided to throw Logan a big bash… which really was for the benefit of our family and friends.

in progress chalkboard 2

This party turned out to be a huge DIY project.  I went with a Dr. Seuss red/white/teal theme.  I designed the above image for postcard invitations and had them printed from an online shop.

I also decided that it just wouldn’t feel right for the environmentally conscious me to use disposable party goods.  I made cloth cocktail napkins with red/white stripes ticking cloth.  It turned out to be a huge undertaking because we ended up with 50+ guests.  We also used all of our dinner dishware and outdoor dish ware.  To minimize the need for utensils, we went with finger food.  We made all the food and my family ended up coming over the morning of the party to help prep and cook. And blow up balloons and hang decorations.



logan monthly photos

To continue with the DIY-focused party, we set up a pizza station so guests can custom make their own personal sized pizza.  I pre-made the dough and KT manned the pizza “oven”.  Our friend, Brad, jumped in to help and he ended up firing up pizzas with KT during the entire party.  Thanks Brad!



My sister  made Logan two birthday cakes.  We decided to purchase Logan’s smash cake since I didn’t want my sister’s hard work getting obliterated in a matter of minutes.  Logan really enjoyed smashing the cake once he got started.  I was definitely impressed with how he dug in at the end.



We hired Caricatures By Dominic.  We definitely recommend him if anyone is looking for a caricaturist.  He’s really personable and everyone liked him.  His caricatures were also pretty spot on.



Photo credit: Thank you Robert for all of the wonderful party pictures!  We were so busy with our guests that we didn’t take a single picture.  I am so grateful my sister had the foresight to suggest that Robert be the designated photographer.  We ended up with some really special pictures.    



We had a great time celebrating Logan’s big ONE.  We are so glad for all of our family and friends who made his day so special.

ornamenttreesP.S. We also did a lot of work in the backyard to prep for the party.  I’ll write an update for the backyard soon.

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