An Easy Baby, Raising Ander: 7 Months 2 Days


Ander at Target

As I was trying to put Ander back to sleep this evening, I likened trying to soothe a baby to navigating a minefield. Not that I know what it’s like to navigate a minefield, but it’s what I imagine from what I see on TV (you know, that thing where we apparently learn everything we need to know, plus some).

Anyways, I was rubbing ander’s back as he was drifting back to sleep. I was glad I didn’t have to pick him up this time, then I realized the moment it happened – I messed up the rhythm of my circular rubbing. It was too late because a split second later, he kicked his legs and cried out in angry frustration. Ahh sh*t!!

Right? It’s like navigating a minefield. As you step forward, you knew almost immediately that you made a wrong step. Maybe you can feel something hard underfoot but it’s too late to stop your foot as it comes down and activate the mine… Yea it’s weird how one’s mind works.

Going back to Ander, he was back asleep in just a couple minutes. He’s known as an easy baby by everyone who meets him.  The cashier at Target. The server at the restaurant. Other parents at Logan’s school. And he is, in comparison to Logan at the same age. KT and I are so grateful how much easier this infant stage was this time around. It is so true that it is so much better to have a colicky baby-bad sleeper-need to be held 24/7 baby first, and an easier (doesn’t matter to what degree) baby next. It gives us perspective. We’re just constantly grateful that we don’t have to take shift sleeping and holding a baby, or endure hours of crying before, during, and after the witching hours. So grateful that we kinda just grazed over whenever Ander does fuss or spit food in our face or cry in the middle of the night for a solid hour or two before going back to sleep. 

But you know, that’s just it – raising an “easy” baby is still hard. It no joke when people say being a mom is the hardest job you can ever do.  But it is also oh-so fulfilling. And if there’s any truth to it, it just might be the most fulfilling job I’ll ever do.  We are so blessed to have these two little boys. No matter how difficult it might be during any given moment, just remembering how much more difficult it could be really put things into perspective for me. And if that doesn’t work, then you know, have a little melt down/temper tantrum, feel a little silly or guilty cuz they’re just kids, and then take a page out of Logan’s book – forgive and forget.

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