FOMO: Fear of Missing Out.  

I first heard FOMO used when I was watching Mistresses a few weeks ago. (I haven’t been connected to the latest slang/internet speak in many years).

I always thought I was just a morning person but now I realized I had a serious case of FOMO up until I had kids. I would wake up as soon as the morning light seeps between my curtains.  I would immediately spring up from bed, wide awake, and eager to start my day.  There’s so much to do, things to see, life to experience!


My mom recently told me, after observing my kids, that they’re just like me when I was a toddler.  Apparently I had FOMO for most of my life and passed it on to my kids. And boy do my kids have FOMO. They would fight to stay awake until they nod off standing up.


Since having kids, I don’t really care about missing out on what’s going on in the rest of the world as much as missing out on a few extra minutes of sleep. But as I’m slowly catching up on sleep, I’m starting to feel a little FOMO again…

FOMO: it’s a real problem.

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