Little Free Library Book Drop Project


I have a pretty robust personal library.  At one point, when I was still keeping a list of books I own, I had close to 200 books.  About a year ago, I decided I’m ready to pare down my book collection.  As much as I love all my books, I no longer have the time or the space for them.  Before kids, I used to read and reread my books.  For a while after having kids, I was in a serious reading drought.  I have my nose in a book almost everyday again but the way I consume my reading material is so different now.  As much as I love reading an actual book in my hands, I usually read on my kindle app because it’s more convenient.  Also, being limited on time, I don’t see myself reading the same books again, unless it’s Pride and Prejudice or the Fountainhead or Anna Karenina.

I didn’t want to just donate my books to goodwill (because it feels like I’m putting my books in a blackhole) or the public library (because they tend to keep newer stuff and sell their older stuff).  A solution came to me earlier this year when I came across a Little Free Library.  So this is what I’m doing — I’m going to put a few of my books into all the FLLs around my neighborhood. Then I’ll keep some books in my car so that when I come across any LFL outside of my neighborhood, I can drop them off.  I stamped the inside of the book with this website so maybe people who come across my books can leave me a comment here or tag me on Instagram.  I’m excited to see where my books are and how far they traveled.


I made my first book drop today with my little helper.  I dropped off five Patricia Cornwell novels – two paperback and three hardcovers.  I’ll keep posting on Instagram whenever I visit a LFL.  Happy reading!


  1. Philip says:

    Did Diana tell you we have one around the corner from our house? Next time you guys are up here we’ll go take a walk there.

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