We Sold Our Bungalow!

It’s been over two years since I posted here and even longer since I posted anything regarding any home renovations. During the last five years, we made a TON of changes to our home. We also welcomed another child and lost both fur-babies. I did occasionally get the itch to document our lives here on the blog but it wasn’t a priority with everything else that was happening.

The biggest update for this blog right now is that WE SOLD OUR BUNGALOW. It still seems surreal to me but it’s true. Having sold our home means that we have a ton of professional pictures to share. We didn’t have our home professionally staged because, well, we felt our home was pretty great as it was. We, of course, did a ton of decluttering. Our home has come a long way since we moved in here as newlywed. Here are a bunch of interior pictures showing all of the love we put into it (I’ll do a separate post with the pictures of our backyard because there are A LOT of pictures).

Photos by Raymond J. Frey from Frey Visual Arts

Here’s a breakdown of our home renovation timeline: kids’ bedroom (2013); side gates (2015); kitchen and bathroom (mid-2016); whole house copper repipe (mid-2016); custom front door (late-2016); HVAC, ductwork, and registers (late-2016); front fence and gates (2017); concrete work (2017); front landscaping (2018-2019); exterior paint (2019).

We love our house and thought we would be living there for at least another five to ten years. However, we started entertaining school options for our boys, the best times to sell, and dream home possibilities. At the end, we decided it was time to sell right away or risk being unable to sell during a recession and limiting the school options for our boys. I don’t know if we are headed for a recession this year or next but it feels like we are heading there sooner rather than later. At the end, our decision felt right. We sold last year and we’re currently leasing a home. I don’t know when the right house will come along but I am embracing this new season we’re in right now.


  1. Karla says:

    Your little bungalow is gorgeous. I really love all of the details you both added to make it lovely. Where did you go to have your door custom made? Thank you.

    • Sharon says:

      Thank you for your sweet comment! We custom ordered our door from Ganahl Lumber. We were able to specify the size of the door, the type of wood, number of window panes, type of hinges, and location of bore hole for deadbolt. We purchased the door pull separately. We did have to refuse the door delivery a couple of times because it did not meet our specifications so make sure it is made to your order before accepting it. Custom doors are great – you won’t regret it.

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