We Bought A House!

Note: I’ve been working on this post for half a year but I just couldn’t make it all come together. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything and I’m having a hard time finding my voice. And you know, the pandemic. And so much going on in the United States, and around the world. I’m starting with a blank slate today and just dive in.

To recap, when we decided to sell our home, it was unexpected. We didn’t planned for it. KT and I spent an evening discussing our plans for our boys’ schooling, and realized we want to move to a neighborhood where the public school options are better for our family. This realization set everything into motion. We took a look at the real estate market and realized it was a great time to sell. Everything just snowballed after that.

Even though it was a good time to sell our home, it wasn’t a great time to buy. We decided to rent until the perfect house came along. Surprisingly, finding a rental wasn’t easy either. We were renting for about 8 months before our house came on the market. This was also at the beginning of the pandemic here in the U.S. [There were a few confirmed cases on the east and west coasts. Our kids’ schools let out a week early before spring break, and everyone thought this would be contained and we would back to school/normal by the end of spring break.]

Honestly, we were feeling pretty certain that this house wasn’t the right one. But to do our due diligence, we decided to walk the neighborhood so we can confidently cross it out. As we explored the neighborhood, we got exceedingly more and more excited about this house. These are the items that checked off the list for our dream house:

  • Large Private Lot – We wanted a lot that is bigger than our last home. This one is 17,600sf (0.4 Acres). This is BIG for SoCal. Also, we wanted most of the yard space to be at the back of the house so that we can recreate another private backyard oasis.
  • Matured Trees – There is something majestic about large mature trees, right? They also provide a lot of shade while not blocking out the view of the sky, like a covered patio or shade sail would.
  • Walking Distance to School – While exploring the neighborhood, we discovered that there is a hiking trail right behind the house, with direct access from the backyard. This trail is a straight shot to school.

You’ll notice that I didn’t include anything about the house on this list. We figured we can always renovate the house to give us what we would like, but we can’t change the lot size, neighborhood, location, etc.

The house is in okay shape. We would only need to replace the carpet if we want to live there before remodeling. However, we wanted to make some major changes to the house that will leave no room untouched. There would have been no way we can continue to live in that house once we start renovations.

I’ll write another post about the new layout for the house, hopefully soon. In the meantime, here is a video walk-thru of the house at time of purchase. Enjoy!

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