Laundry Utility Room DIY

I am nervous and excited to be joining the One Room Challenge for the first time. It’s been a long time (two years!) since I have done a big-ish DIY. Even though we bought a fixer upper, we just couldn’t make the original layout of the house work for us and ended up gutting the entire house and essentially start from scratch. The laundry room is one of the few rooms that I didn’t have our contractor do much work with the goal to scratch my DIY itch.

Laundry/Utility Room – Before

It’s been three months since we moved in and basically the laundry room is the dumping ground for all the stuff that doesn’t have a home. It is also the smallest room in the house which makes it a great room to start. However, being the smallest room, it also has a slew of challenges (hindsight: we should have gone with a bigger laundry room!). One major one is the door swing of the washer, which I will not address yet. Keeping in mind that we will eventually need and want to replace the washer/dryer, the cabinets cannot be built-in or else we would not be able to move the appliances without some major demo work.

Laundry Room Sketch
Laundry Room – Sketch

First thing I did was sketched out how the laundry room will look with cabinets. I prefer to do this by hand on paper because it feels most natural to me. I started with only under-counter cabinets until I took inventory of all the things I need to store in this room. I realized I need a tall cabinet for the steam mop, stick vacuum, and swifter. I decided to make the tall cabinet the same height as my stacked washer and dryer. The plan is to install the tall cabinet with only a few screws to the wall so it will be easy to dismantle. All the under-counter cabinets will be on wheels to easily move it out of the room if needed.

After deciding on the general layout of the cabinets, I came up with a mood board for this room. Our laundry situation is always overwhelming so I’m hoping the mood of this room will help counter the chaos. This room is off a dark-colored hallway, so I want this room to be muted, somewhere for the eyes to rest. I envision mostly wood tones, creams and some pop of green from plants and art. To create coziness, I plan to layer in textures with wallpaper, a rug, and baskets.

I’ll have to build my cabinets from scratch since there aren’t anything available for the sizes I need. I’ll be sharing most of my progress on Instagram. I hope you’ll follow along.

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