(Photo by Barnaby Draper)

This blog started in 2009 as “Backyard Long Haul” to share my backyard stories with my sisters.

Then for two and a half years, I didn’t post anything after phase one of our backyard makeover was complete.

I started blogging again in 2012 when we started renovating our current home.  Now this blog is a mixture of posts about home renovations, home decor, gardening, landscaping, arts and craft, and our little family.


(Photo by Studio 28)

I’m Sharon.  Born and raised in the Golden State. I love working with my hands and creating things.  Before trying out something new, I’ll watch a few youtube tutorials and then think “easy peasy”.  Of course, more often than not, it’s untrue but I still enjoy the process and love sharing it here.


(Photo by Studio 28)

I’m married to KT. KT and my story started in middle school, where we took the picture at the very top for our engagement shoot.  We met in the 7th grade.  Went to high school together.  Kept in touch during college and reconnected after graduation.  Not many people knows that he’s a doodle master.  He recreated some of his childhood drawings for me (that he sold for candy money no less) and I was blown away. 


(Photo by KT)

Our home is currently terrorized by Monster baby.  He’s intelligent but he uses his power for mischief.  He knows how to open the refrigerator so we have to use a child’s safety lock on it even before we had kids.  He’s fiercely independent.  Since he was a pup, I suspect he thinks he’s a cat.


(Photo by Jacob Austell)

Our Sugar bear is as sweet as her name.  She’s a big girl with a small dog complexion.  She’s as obedient as they come and it has nothing to do with discipline.  She’s extremely camera shy and the few decent pictures we can get of her shows her in all her goofy glory.


(Photo by Me)

Logan is the newest addition to our family.  He’s been laughing since the day he was born.  Lately he’s been mastering the pout.  He doesn’t cry as much as he yells.  And for the life of me, I don’t know why he has so much to yell about.  His eye-squinting smiles are abundant now.  And trust me, this boy has personality.